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Collection - Delivery - Disposal - Recycling

Collection and delivery of new and used range cookers and stoves. If your planing on buying a cast iron range cooker but have no idea how your going to move it from its current location to yours, let us help, its what we do on a daily basis. Most new ranges are offered on either a collection only basis, or delivered to your door on a pallet. its down to the buyer to move it into their kitchen. with the average range weighing approximately 300 - 500 kgs, thats no easy job unless you hire an experienced team to do it for you.

Many people opt for a used range, often purchasing through E bay or Gum-tree, this often means the range first needs to be removed from the sellers kitchen, loaded and transported to the buyers property and placed in their kitchen.

We are fully insured and experienced in all aspects of removal and transportation of cast iron cookers, allowing us to provide a hassle free service to our customers.

Disposal and recycling service available for old - non working and condemned range cookers. All ranges are stripped and the metal is recycled reducing waste going to landfill. Up to 95% of all ranges can be recycled.

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Covering most parts of the UK

Aga cookers

Aga cookers are often the most difficult for people to sell second hand. This applies to most old agas from the 1940s to late 1980s, these old cookers are not efficient and very expensive to run and maintain. We remove these older agas complete where possible, PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT DISMANTLE OR TRANSPORT OLD AGAS FOR PRIVATE CUSTOMERS, in fact we advice against buying a used aga from buy and sell sites as it will be quite costly and often not worth the expense involved once all costs are factored in.

We only move the modern Tc and Dc aga cookers for private and trade cusomers. We will remove older agas for disposal only.

Disposal & Recycing

We remove and recycle any cast iron cooker or stove.

Rayburn Cookers

Rayburns are the most popular range we move. No dismantling is required or necessary when removing or transporting a Rayburn. They are built to be moved complete. We move both reconditioned and used Rayburns.

Esse Cookers & Stoves

The Esse range cooker is also very popular both new and used. We transport all models including the Iron Hearth stove.

Stanley cookers & Stoves

We transport all models of Stanley range cookers.

Stoves & Woodburners

There is a huge variety of woodburners and stoves on the market to list them all. We transport any make and model.

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